Be A Coach


Imagine spending the summer with footballers from around the world, coaching kids and sharing the good news of Christ. Ambassadors Football is looking for Christians who want to make a difference with hundreds of children and their families, using the sport they love. If that’s you, why not join us and be a part of a mission trip like no other?

As a member of the Summer Experience coaching team, you’ll first participate in a week of football ministry training that will focus on coaching skills, small group interaction and instruction on how to share your faith. (Plus, there will be a lot of friendlies with fellow coaches). It all starts in Cleveland, Ohio at our Soccer Ministry Training Course (SMTC).

After your training week, you and your team will be sent to Ambassadors Soccer Camps across the USA. Throughout the camp season you will serve at local churches, living at host-homes and leading football ministry. You’ll receive a truly immersive USA cultural experience. By the end of this mission trip, you will have served a life-changing experience that you will never forget.

Many coaches who’ve served in Ambassadors Summer Experience have returned to their native countries to serve more effectively in their local churches. Some have even started their own Ambassadors ministry programs. Everyone will be challenged to grow and share their faith while living in an international football experience.

“I can’t recommend summer camps enough. It’s amazing to feel like you’re making a difference in the lives of young people, but also to see how God is changing you in the process. The host families were all so welcoming and you make friends for life on the camps. If you like football, people, and mission, you will LOVE the summer tour.”
Bronnie King – Tour Member in 2019